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Setna's second album under the Soleil Zeuhl label, this record contains tracks as Cycle II, Guérison & Tryptique, this piece is about the universe and the humain being on earth. This album features some guests as Benoit Widemann & his famous minimoog.

Xing Sa - Creation of the universe

Xing sa's first album under the Soleil Zeuhl label, this record has thirteen titles (gestating since 2005) dealing with the theme of the creation of the universe. Three musicians from the Setna group are participants as well as other guests like Yannick Duchène (Neom Group). Click here for more information.  


HUR! Second part of a discographic homage to Magma gathering 25 participants. Setna is showcased here with the song Titilbon, a 1977 Christian Vander unpublished song. Led by Alain Juliac, this project was brought to light under the Soleil Zeuhl label.

live in Paris

First one of the Sesame production, this album was recorded at the "Petit Opportun" in january 2002. It covers the Parisain period during which the Nicolas Candé quartet used to play in jazz clubs.

Compilation CD with titles by the groups who participated in the july Rouen festival of "Les Terrasses du Jeudi" in 2006. Among the participants was the new Setna band included on the track "Être".

Setna - Cycle I

Cycle I : first album of Setna containing the nine titles of the repertoire upon which the group has been working since september 2003. This album features the six musicians of the current Setna group as well as a few other invited musicians. Now available on the Soleil Zeuhl label.

Compilation CD "Jazz in Rouen" by the Jazz Radio station in Lyon. This compilation is about jazz in Normandy and features Setna with the title "Ouverture" of the "Cycle I" album.